The Brindle Horse: Colour Patterns, Rarity, and Breeds

Brindle Horse

You might be wondering why a brindle horse is so special. After all, other than the color, they are just like any other horse, right? Brindle horses are considered special due to their rarity. They make up only a small percentage of the horse population, and as such, they are highly sought after by breeders … Read more

Do horses with broken legs have to be shot?

horses with broken legs

Back in bush West, horses with broken legs could have invested their last seconds looking down the barrel of a cowboy’s gun. Steeds were typically shot after breaking their legs because they had a slight chance of effective recovery. Even today, equines are commonly euthanized after a leg break. Here’s why: It’s tough for a … Read more

What is Colic $ Types of Colic in Horses?

Colic in Horse

Colic in horse is a medical term for abdominal pain in horses. It can be caused by a variety of things such as intestinal infection, constipation, and obstructions (injury or foreign objects). There are two types of colic in horse: There are two main types of colic in horses – acute and chronic. Acute colic … Read more

Understanding horse’s voice & body language

Understanding horse

Understanding horse voice and body language, postures, gestures, and facial expressions of horses say a lot. It’s easy to focus on their words, but what they mean is expressed by how they carry themselves. Like many animals, horses communicate through body language rather than vocal cords. The ability to read and respond to the horse’s … Read more

Basic Nutrition of a Horse

Basic Nutrition of a Horse

Basic Nutrition of a Horse nutrition is essentially all about feeding the horse with the most appropriate food to keep it at its best. Feeding horses is an essential part of caring for them, and knowing what to feed them depends on their current health, age, breed, weight, sex and metabolism. Horses are herbivores, which … Read more

Training of a Horse Rider

horse riders

Training of a Horse RiderĀ is a definitive whole based on the final destination of the Horse Rider. The Horse Riders are trained to master, excel and master several tasks to suit different situations. Horse riders are qualified to adapt quickly to all possibilities they may encounter while riding their horses. Horse training is an ideal … Read more

Breaking or Training of a Horse

Training of a Horse

A horse is a fantastic animal of all times, which warriors used in old times in wars and was used to tow trade luggage from one place to another. Horses were also used in Traveling and ancient times from one city to another from one town to another. Interestingly, when in the modern age a … Read more

A Guide to the Important Breeder’s Cup Races

Breeder's Cup

Introduction to Breeder’s Cup Breeder’s Cup is the most important equestrian event of all time. It is an annual horseracing event that is hosted in the United States. The event was the idea of late John R. Gaines, who is a renowned horse breeder and owner. The first Breeder’s Cup race took place in 1984 … Read more